Carbon neutrality of Paris in 2050


On behalf of the group, Raphaël Ménard & Julien Dossier

The City of Paris has commissioned a study to devise a carbon neutrality strategy for 2050 and has set itself ambitious but sensible goals.

First, it has opted for an extended scope of emissions in order to comprehensively cover the emissions attributable to the Parisians.

Second, it aims for carbon neutrality no later than 2050, in order to align its goals with the Paris Agreement.

Third, it decided to extend the focus of the strategy beyond the usual theme-based approach and asked us to feature a sociological analysis in the strategy.

This study paves the way for the revision of its Climate Plan in 2017: it provides the City of Paris with an independent and impartial external expertise in drafting the transition path towards carbon neutrality.

About the report

Our report and conclusions have been published on March 13th, 2017 and have earned praise from Le Monde, La Tribune and other media units. The measures recommended by the team should allow Paris to open the debate towards a low carbon transition as part of a vision which is shared by every one of its residents.

Our conclusion is unambiguous:

- achieving carbon neutrality in 2050 is possible, if substantial changes to the ways of life of the Parisians are not only accepted but implemented

- any delay in implementing the strategy will make it even harder to achieve goals compatible with the IPCC assessment reports and the UNFCCC Paris Agreement

- neutrality will be achieved by a 70% cut in the emissions, a 10% compensation (through the lower carbon footprint of large scale renewable energy farms) and the sequestration of the remaining 20% through the plantation of forests

- although we recommend a single transition scenario, we highlight very diverse individual paths for each of the nine main sociological segments of the Parisian population. This highlights the great disparity of lifestyles and emission levels attributable at the individual level, and recommends measures tailored for each of these segments.

We're in the process of translating the report into English, please let us know by mail if you would like to receive it.

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The team

Study carried out by the group :

Elioth (Groupe Egis)

lead of the group, Elioth is a multidisciplinary team of engineers, architects, designers, graphic designers and datascientists, involved in consulting, innovative design and low carbon strategy, a subsidiary of Egis group

Les équipes Conseil d'Egis

assists project owners by providing specific services such as audits, master plans, valuation studies, and more.


Independent low carbon strategy consultancy, which has published several research reports on the post carbon transition


Studies and sociological consultancy office specializing in questions related to the lifestyles, uses, imaginary of the city and the territories

We would like to thank Diane Berg for her illustrations and the many contributors of verbatims